Our objectives and beliefs can be summed up in "Value Creation through Innovation". This vision has helped us to build on our strengths and make our distinctive character. This is what drives us to continuously search for new and innovative ways to bring better health to all of us.

International Investment in Healthcare

Investment case for healthcare, pharma, bio-tech, medical and life science businesses is made by the expectation that once emerging and middle-income economies' middle and upper-middle classes satisfy their demand for smart phones, leather couches and SUVs, they will refocus on their health and life expectancy. This demand acceleration will likely coincide with continued build up of health threats to the emerging markets from internal pollution and environmental degradation, and accelerating ageing and health concerns in the advanced economies. The demand pressures materialization as investment window for pricing these risks forward is closing fast. The next 'perfect storm' in world economies is likely to be ageing-related, and that requires serious strategic planning and implementation, with the resources that are available both locally and globally.

Future of Pharma, Biotech and Healthcare Industry

In the past, pharma hang on to its core small/foreign molecule research for too long. And then, opened up too late for new ways to come up with new drugs, like from biotech, causing patent cliff and other problems.

Advances in proteomics, genetics and genomics, including the sequencing of the human genome, have resulted in the development of new biologic targeted biopharmaceuticals to cure serious diseases. Scientific knowledge of gene-based diagnostic tests to identify patients who will benefit from new biologicals, will drive innovations for personalized medicine.

Healthcare will depend on advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy. Success will depend on how well we understand and manipulate living things. We are witnessing many rapidly evolving, potentially transformative technologies on the horizon-spanning biological sciences and technologies. Next-generation genomics has the potential to transform how doctors diagnose and treat diseases that will extend lives. It will be fast, low-cost gene sequencing, advanced big data analytics, and synthetic biology.

Going forward, growth from biotech partnerships, consolidation and M&A is expected to last for a few more years, until the next intellectual cliff forms.

In future, both pharma and biotech would need disruptive technological innovations, from early diagnostic tools, translational research, stem cells, gene therapy, new drug delivery systems, robotic medical devices, personalized treatment, medicines for new diseases and public health strategies, so that they are positioned to revolutionize healthcare in its entirety.

We are wary of paradigm shifts, but in the healthcare industry it is through paradigm shifts that we achieve meaningful healthcare improvements. Most in pharma don't realize that systematic integrated efforts to promote healthy living, prevention, early diagnosis, and effective public health policies could eventually help their bottom line. They irrationally think that it will reduce their value, volume and profitability. If pharma doesn't take it seriously, their competitors will do, like technology industry.

With Google now making such bold and radical moves into healthcare, one has to ask whether pharma could be disrupted by a complete industry outsider - in the same way that Steve Jobs disrupted the music, film, camera and mobile phone industries? Google has created the platform equipped to synthesize the great expanse of medical data currently available, and tailor that information to meet medical needs. This massive information platform will lead to the standardization of healthcare, resulting in a greater ability to meet real-time individual medical needs.

The reality is that the pivotal mover in the impending healthcare revolution now offers us a vision of a new health system.
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