Business Development

Latin America Opportunity

Looking for experienced medical diagnostic companies with substantial resources to help us quickly enter, expand and get good market share in Brazil and other LATAM countries. Strategic distributor, partner and joint venture will be considered.


India Opportunity

Indo-US Collaborative Program on Drug Development

Summary: With an objective to get into drug products for commercialization, a Contract Manufacturing Organization in India would like to get in to a collaborative arrangement with the technology with proof-of-concept in peptide area which can be commercialized with the help of grant being offered by Indo-US endowment fund. If you are interested in writing a collaborative project, please let us know, we shall be highly enthusiastic to mobilize the resources to avail such funding for a collaborative arrangement.


Indo-US Collaborative Program on Low-Cost Medical Devices

Summary: We are developing a US-India Collaborative Program to build low-cost medical devices. We would like to re-design, miniaturize, and make a very low cost device from established medical diagnostic products to bring point-of-care medical diagnostics to the poor population of India. We would need someone in India to help us in selecting a chronic disease (diabetes, etc) or disease that is unique to the poor people of India that is not being attended to now. The Indian partner need to test the device, manufacture the device, and distribute the device. We would apply for the grant from the US and the Indian partner to apply for the grant from the Department of Biotechnology, India. The US grant is for up to $150,000 for direct costs over two years.

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to encourage collaborative research and/or technology development between scientists and engineers in the United States and India. Appropriate medical technologies are those that are usable, cost effective, sustainable, and effective in meeting a significant clinical need in a low-resource setting. Collaborations should be aimed at the development, translation and use of medical technologies that can significantly impact underserved populations within the United States and/or India.


Frontier and Developing Countries Opportunities

HIV and HBV Diagnostics

Summary: We offer the most inexpensive and sensitive quantitative PCR test kits for HIV-1 and Hepatitis B developed and manufactured in the USA. We provide the test kits at a very low cost, such that developing nations can have nationwide access to viral load testing and Early Infant Diagnosis for the first time.

Opportunity: The global molecular diagnostics market is expected to reach 15 Billion USD by 2014; the compounded annual growth rate of this market is 19% and the fastest growing and most dominant segment is infectious disease, holding a 21% market share.

Competition: Roche, Abbott, and Siemens. The cost per test for the least developed countries is about $17 to $25 per test, and $35 to $90 per test elsewhere. Prices vary considerably depending on volumes, infrastructure and support required, plus any special negotiations with the company.

Our Advantage: The Real-Time PCR Test Kits can be run on the same machine testing platforms as comparable products on the market, with no need for re-training. The test kits cost 80+% less than incumbents on the market. We also have strategic collaborations with leading US biotechnology companies to provide lower cost machine test platforms (amplification systems) and less expensive enzymes required to run DNA/RNA testing.

Partnership Opportunities: Real Time PCR Test Kits are produced in California, U.S.A in compliance with international standards (GMP, GDP, GLP, GSP, Authorization by WHO) and US/FDA standards (CBER). We are seeking to partner with pharmaceutical companies and healthcare NGOs who have regulatory approval capabilities and distribution networks throughout the developing world, emerging economies, and in developed nations. Products could be shipped under our or partners' label.


From Non-Profit (R&D) to Profit (Sale)

Industry-Research Organization Partnerships

Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life science companies are shifting their R&D by moving money out of discovery into development. Discovery and R&D work is increasingly transferred to the outside partners. Research institutions stand to greatly benefit from this phenomenon.

We have gone through the complete business cycle, from research to start-ups to profitability. We help researchers from the discovery stage to become owners of corporations. We bring suitable alliance candidates for deserving science and technology projects. We initiated many start-ups and made them grow.

Our clients look for business deals to fill their product pipelines, and to commercialize viable external technologies and products. They are willing to make partnerships with research organizations for early stage licensing and funding, possibly may initiate industrial sponsored research.

Specifically, we provide the following to our client organizations:

1. Promote your product, technology and intellectual property to international market for commercialization, strategic alliance, joint venture, partnerships, licensing and acquisitions.

2. Promote your scientific and infrastructure capabilities to relevant industrial organizations to encourage them to outsource their R&D projects to your organization.

3. Our service will be free to your organization until a business and financial deal is reached. We work for a success fees that will be payable at the closing of such deals.

Let us know your thoughts.

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