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We are witnessing a history in making in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic fields due to explosive growth in the talent pool, innovations, available financing, mergers and acquisitions. We need to accelerate our efforts to lead this phenomenon.

We help R&D organizations, start-ups and early stage enterprises to commercialize their biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical, diagnostic, life science & healthcare products and services, by providing them with technical, scientific, financing, marketing & management expertise, and connecting them to the strategic partners.

We manage and direct activities related to business development, including strategic development, merger & acquisition, client development & retention, and public & investor relations.

We provide scientific, technical and professional expertise to design, discover, develop, produce and market potential drugs, tests, devices and services.

Companies facing challenges commercializing their bioscience inventions could find potential solutions here. Entrepreneurs facing obstacles in getting their discoveries to market could find opportunities here. You be the next entrepreneur and we will find the partners for you both technical as well as investors. We connect small businesses to investors, private equity and venture capital companies.


Our mission is to accelerate scientific discovery by developing and marketing unique products in the forefront of science. We are organized to provide the research community with a mechanism for commercializing unique scientific products. We also focus on continually monitoring trends and help our clients to be the part of it. By serving niche and emerging markets, we have become specialists to form ongoing partnerships with our customers.
We offer innovative business development opportunities, marketing solutions and general management experience.

Need funding for your small biotech, pharma, medical, life science or diagnostic business? Send a proposal summary.

Open your door to emerging markets. We developed marketing and business capabilities in China. Our infrastructure in India offers unmatched possibilities.

If you have any product to launch in US, China and India, we channelize resources to make it happen.

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Dr. Dhirendra Chaturvedi
Founder and CEO

Dhirendra Chaturvedi, Ph.D. Medicinal Chemistry, has accomplishments both in scientific and business world. His expertise as director, president and CEO transformed ideas and inventions to successful enterprises.

Dr. Chaturvedi's teams designed, discovered, developed, produced and marketed potential drugs, tests, devices and services in pharma, biotech, medical, diagnostic, life science and healthcare companies, such as Siemens, Biogen Idec and Vega Biotechnologies.

Dr. Chaturvedi founded, promoted and managed several start-ups, including Bio Business, Net Business and Best Lenders, that served a vast number of customers, professionals, entrepreneurs and clients, through business development, financing, marketing, partnerships and M&As.

He has proven ability to develop and implement company's vision to enhance profitability, and to capitalize on market trends, to achieve business objectives and goals. He has a powerful drive and capacity to organize, influence and motivate diverse teams, to accomplish corporate missions. He is creative, innovative, enthusiastic and committed to make difference to improve quality of life.

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