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Business of Innovation, Creativity and Motivation: We are witnessing a history in making in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostic fields due to explosive growth in the talent pool, innovations, available financing, mergers and acquisitions. We need to accelerate our efforts to team-up with the complementary experts to lead this phenomenon and move R&D towards marketplace. Companies facing challenges commercializing their bioscience inventions could find potential solutions here. Entrepreneurs facing obstacles in getting their discoveries to market could find opportunities here. You be the next entrepreneur and we will find the partners for you both technical as well as investors. We provide life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and chemical R&D companies and organizations, the scientific, technical and professional expertise to design, discover, develop, produce and market potential drugs, tests, devices & services. We translate science and technology for marketing and business goals. We offer innovative development opportunities, marketing solutions and management experience.

We screen companies based on their strong technology, smart management, marketable product and success potential, to bring them a step closer to their goals. Open your door to developing markets. We have marketing and business capabilities in Latin America, Eastern Europe and Asia. Our infrastructure in India offers unmatched possibilities. If you have any product or services to launch there, we channelize resources to make it happen.


We help in in-licensing, out-licensing and acquiring assets as follows:
  • Approved products that can be reformulated or repositioned to fulfill critical medical needs with a strong and competitive differentiation.
  • Development risk should be in the execution of the clinical, regulatory and commercial strategy, not in the efficacy or safety of the product.
  • Strong IP and practical commercial exclusivity.
  • We work with entrepreneurs, clinicians, formulators and contract manufacturers who are looking for a partner to further develop their ideas, products and programs.


    Creating Value and Profit
    We strive to create and follow business strategies that permit technology based companies to achieve their full commercial value and potential. Our role with our client companies goes far beyond a simple evaluation or the completion of a single transaction. We invest time needed and effort required to know management, to understand the business, and most importantly, to shape the implications of the strategies which we help to implement. Overall we seek to build long-term relationships through our value contribution. We have worked with the companies on the development of strategies that have improved overall operations and increased long-term stakeholder value. We are providing advice around the world in creation and implementation of strategies to support the development and commercialization, as part of their respective goals, to establish themselves as leaders in the new economy. We look forward to working with you to unlock the global potential of your business.
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