Mergers and Acquisitions

Available for Sale:

Following companies are available for sale, joint venture, partnership or strategic investment in USA, India, China, Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, from $3 to 100 million.

  1. USA: A company developing high quality low cost generic pharmaceuticals, with focus upon dermatology products, and dietary supplements is available for sale. The company's dietary products are primarily focused upon women's products for pregnancy and breast-feeding. The company is small, but is growing rapidly, with 15 new products introduced in 2012, and has sales projected to be near $20M for 2013. EBITDA is well over 50%, and climbing.
  2. India: A Pharma company with decades of formulation development of low cost branded generics as per WHO-GMP specifications. Famous as "House of Antibiotics” has formulations like tablets, capsules, syrups and injectables, company has vast product pipelines and strong contacts for faster product approvals. The plant has a turnover of $1.20M and growing, >50% gross margin, and no financial debt. The company is capable of manufacturing products up to $8-10M. With a marketing and distribution network in India and in South East Asia, company is poised for expansion in this region.
  3. China: A GMP-approved plant specialized in solid dosage (hard capsules and tablets) manufacturing, own national sales network with sales and marketing teams in strategic cities. Annual turnover is RMB100M (about $15M) and profit RMB20M (about $3M). Products are OTC and prescription drugs, including cardiovascular, anti-cholesterol, anti-cancer and anti-arthritis drugs. Welcome various forms of buy-outs.
  4. Brazil: The company on sale produces a diversified line of products that include antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antihypertensive, antiulcer, expectorants, analgesics, NSAIDs and multivitamins. The portfolio consist of 92 similar and 20 generic products. The laboratory products reach all states of Brazil through an extensive distribution network. The 2010 sale was R$ 80 milhões and EBITDA R$ 16 milhões.
  5. Argentina: Buy 50% of a leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing company. It has $14M sales, 70% gross margin, 25% EBITDA, $3M working capital and no debt. Sale price is $12M (100% valuation is less than 2 years sales and equivalent to 8 times EBITDA).
  6. Mexico: A pharma company with state-of-the-art facility, brand new plants and machinery, is the biggest specialty manufacturing facility in Latin America, with highly qualified workforce to manufacture creams, tablets, drops, injectables and parenteral drugs. Has license to manufacture pharmaceutical, hormone and steroid. The plant is operating at grossly under capacity, and 17 acres of land is available for future growth.

Additional Opportunities

Venture Partners

India: Looking for venture partners and/or investors for setting up India's first bio bank, for launching a stem cell product, and for translating a spinal cord injury scaffold to market.

Veterinary Medicine

Argentina: Buy the largest veterinary medicines distributor in Argentina distributing products from the largest international and domestic manufacturers. They handle more than 3.000 products holding more than 10% market share. Their sales are 80% for large animals (cattle, horses, hogs, poultry) and 20% for pets.


India: Expansion project of the leading regional hospitals in UP, that demonstrated strong top line growth and sustained profitability. 2010 Revenue was Rs 25 crores and CAGR of 16.9% from FY 05 to FY 10. Need to raise $10M, looking for equity investors, sub-debt or quasi-equity. Offer an annual 7-8% coupon with a definite all in return of 15%. Can structure CCD/CCPS.
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